Well why this question? It has religious implications!!! Too sensitive to disturb. Let’s just leave aside our religious covers for a while and just think about food we eat. Why we eat food at first place? Oh! Wat sort of question is this? We all know we eat food to get energy to do all sort of things which are particular to people and general to species. On a broad note we eat to get energy to perform physical and mental actions. Where is that energy? It’s in plants and animals. That means it’s in life. So we derive energy from already existing life to carry on with ours. We kill to be alive. But we are not at fault. Other stored forms of energy are electric, magnetic, nuclear etc but unfortunately we cannot eat it or take it directly. May be one day but atleast not now.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transferred or converted. So energy actually gets transferred from one life form to another but this transfer involves a lot of conversions. Plants get their energy from the sun. They do it through photosynthesis as we all know and this conversion is the first conversion of energy that we are going to consume. Each conversion creates waste – chemical waste. And as the name suggests, its WASTE. The more the waste, the more not suitable or ultimately not healthy. Animals would eat plants and convert the energy again with more waste. We eat animals and convert it back again with obviously more waste… These chemical wastes keep on increasing as the chain increases in length. And thus, first food i.e. green plants are the healthiest. Plants would convert and store energy in all its parts – leaves, roots, stem, seed, fruits. So plants and plants products are the healthiest. It’s just that IT’S HEALTHY. God, sin, action/reaction and all that stuff should be taken separately for discussion.

If we stretch this topic further and include another important factor of “TASTE”. Yeah, we don’t only eat for energy, we eat for taste too. By the way what it is? It is sweet, sour ,bitter, salty and umami. O these are types of tastes but what taste actually is. It’s a sensation which is produced when different chemicals react with taste receptors on our tongue. So as we all know sweet is better than bitter? Is it? Not always. We the humans have been using bittering agents as well for flavouring e.g. in coffee. The point is all food taste is a combination/permutation of 5 basic tastes. Does that mean that if we add certain quantities of 5 basic tastes to any food, it can make it taste like a new or different food. E.g. If we add 5/4/2/1 etc etc salt, umami, bitter to carrot, it may taste like chicken??? Well! Be it or be it not the case. Our taste is just another consequence of the process of natural selection in evolution. We may slowly move towards developing the taste for healthier food and who knows we all might start hate eating dead birds and dead goats one day!!


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